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Company:2021 the 28th GZ International Hotel Supplies Exhibition
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The 26th guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition (2019)

2019The 26th Guangzhou International Hotel Equipments and Supplies Exhibition INVITATION

2019The 26th Guangzhou International Hotel Equipments and Supplies Exhibition


Date:12-14Dec 2019

Venue: Guangzhou International Exhibition Center

( China Export Trade Fair Center , Pazhou Exhibition hall)

Xinhai Street, East Xingang Road, Guangzhou 

Organized by: Guangdong Foxing Exhibition Services Co., Ltd

2018The 25th Guangzhou International Hotel Equipment and Supplies Exhibition extended to 320,000 square meters . There were over 4,000 enterprises and many participants warm discussed on site. The deals is so positive! During three days, a total of 410,000 professional visitors were receiveed, including 18,760 buyers abroad from more than 120 countries. This exhibition has developed into the largest hotel supplies exhibition in the world and will be the industry standard. The annual Guangzhou International Hotel Equipment and Supplies Exhibition has become the focus of the world's hotel supplies industry, which attracts the attention of excellent buyer from global hotel.


The 26th Guangzhou International Hotel Equipment and Supplies Exhibition will be held in Pazhou Exhibition Center on 12th December to 14th December.This exhibition includes eight theme exhibition area for desktop supplies, cleaning equipment supplies, hotel lobby supplies, kitchen equipment supplies, food and drink, guest room supplies, hotel furniture, hotel smart products. The exhibition area estimated will be 350,000 square meters, gathering more than 4200 advanced exhibitors around the world. Talented person get together and brand is all around. The kind of the product will be richer and the source of exhibitors will be wider, which is more attractive than before. It will provide a more professional and wider stage for China hotel supplies business. It also will inject new power for hotel supplies market and promoting hotel supplies export for China.


As the annual industry event, each Guangzhou International Hotel Equipment and Supplies Exhibition is the focus of mainstream media and industry. Guangdong Foxing Exhibition Services Co., Ltd invites related professional magazines, web portals and web promotion platform to make a series of three-dimensional promotion, such as visiting stores around, organizing industry events and so on.

Date Arrangement 

  1).  9-11Dec 2019 : exhibitors arriving and preparation. (9: 00am-5: 00pm) 

  2).  12-14Dec 2019: doing business

  3).  14 Dec 2019: leaving (4: 00pm)


 Exhibition Fees

1)     9 square meters standard booth: USD2000. include 1 name plate, 1 desk with 2 chairs, 2 fluorescent lamps, 1 wastepaper basket, 1 power socket (equal to or less than 300W)


2)     Indoor bare floor space requirements must be greater than 27 m2 for every single rent. Exhibitor should pay 30 RMB per square meter for preparing management charge.



Exhibition Categories

l  Hotel/restaurant Supplies: kitchen equipment, catering equipment, refrigeration, laundry facilities, bathroom equipment, lobby furniture and articles, desks, gold and silverware, chinaware, glass vessels, anti-theft systems, consumables, hotel cloths and fabrics, hotel uniforms, hotel electrical appliances, etc.

l  Cleaning Devices and Products: vacuum cleaners, dryers, floor wipers, floor cleaners, polishers, hoisting devices, waste cans, sprayers, cleaning detergents, stain removers, hand dryers, hand washing detergents, sterilizers, toilet detergents, stone maintenance equipment, air purifiers, etc.

l  Hotel/restaurant Furniture: guest room furniture, outdoors furniture, banquet chairs, conference tables, assembly platforms, hotel furniture transport, etc.

l  Recreation and Entertaining Facilities: aquatic sports, balls for sports, fitness equipment, sauna facilities, sunlight canopies, Karaoke management software, amusement devices and facilities, etc.

l  Coffee and Tea Sets:

1、Coffee, Tea and Food :Bar & coffee equipment & supplies, beer & ale, beverages, coffee, fruit juices, liquors, mixes, cocktails, tea, mineral water, wines, coffee display bins & shop fixtures, coffee or retail miscellaneous, coffee or tea filters & accessories, coffee roasters, contract packaging / private label, cup/service ware distributors, cup/service ware manufacturers, espresso accessories, espresso brewing equipment, home coffee roasters, roasting equipment, siphon coffee makers, soluble & freeze-dried supplier, specialty tin boxes, tea exporters/traders, tea packers, teabag making supplies/ paper & thread

2、Hotel Technology:Property management systems (PMS), point of sale systems (POS), internet applications, food & beverage management systems, security & safety systems, fire protection systems , first aid equipment & supplies, telecommunications, in-room systems, payroll systems, accounting software, broadband access, reservation systems, energy & building management systems, computer hardware systems, lockers, smart network TV, hotel/restaurant/catering managing software, bedroom control system software

3、Bakery Products:Meat 、Poultry、Dairy Products、Seafood、Confectionery 、 Sweets 、 Chocolates、Frozen & Chilled Foods、Canned & Processed Foods、Snack Food、Health Food、Beverage - non-alcoholic、Private Label、Snack Food、Fresh Produce、Ingredients 、 Essences 、 Agents

4、WINES.SPIRITS &BEERS:Wines、Champagne、Port 、 Sherry、Spirits、Liqueurs 、 Cocktails、Beer 、 Lager 、 Cider

5、BAKERY,CONFECTIONERY &RETAILS:Bakery 、 Confectionery - Finished Products、Retail Bakery 、 Confectionery Equipment、Industrial Bakery 、 Confectionery Equipment、Ingredients 、 Essences 、 Agents、Packaging Equipment 、 Supplies、Shopfittings 、 Display 、 Retail Supplies Application Form and Process

l  Consulting Services: hotel information technology and equipment, Video on Demand (VOD), networking, training and management courses, etc.



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