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Company:2021 the 28th GZ International Hotel Supplies Exhibition
phones:15360606160 杨宇鹏
Address:Guangzhou yuexiu temple right wuyang new town plaza, 2507, 111 new road
Exhibition IT

Exhibition Fees

1) 9 square meters standard booth: USD2000. include 1 name plate, 1 desk with 2 chairs, 2 fluorescent lamps, 1 wastepaper basket, 1 power socket (equal to or less than 300W)


2) Indoor bare floor space requirements must be greater than 27 m2 for every single rent. Exhibitor should pay 30 RMB per square meter for preparing management charge. 

The standard configuration of each standard booth (outer dimension: 3M × 3M; inner dimension: 2.97M × 2.97M) is as follows:

1) Company signboard (total width of booth lintel is about 25cm, inner dimension of aluminum bar is about 22cm): exhibitor's Chinese name and booth number.

2) Booth coaming: the standard booth is composed of aluminum bracket (total height is about 2.5m, except for aluminum strip, inner dimension is about 2.4m), one lintel and three coaming.

3) Furniture: one aluminum alloy square table, two folding chairs and one paper basket.

4) Electrical appliances: two light tubes and one 3A / 220V (for non lighting power within 500W) power socket are provided.

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15360606160 、15989192957 杨宇鹏

  • phones:15360606160 、15989192957 杨宇鹏
  • address:Guangzhou yuexiu temple right wuyang new town plaza, 2507, 111 new road
  • E-mail:1243078041@qq.com

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